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HARADA, Ippei  Filmmaker       Japanese
Japanese film maker, born in Tokyo, When he was 10 years old, his schoolteacher told him that he needed to write a poem “everyday”, like a diary. Since then he has always been “writing” a visual work, like writing a poem. His first work Continuous Rectangles received strong attention abroad. For example, visual art curator, Nico Parpe, said it was “the ultimate standard for the attainment of current visual expression”, and French film director, Leos Carax, said “an absolutely beautiful film, wonderful black and white imagery, I even want to steal/copy it!”His long film To Sum Up was highly appraised by movie critic Tony Rayns and taken by Yokohama Arts Museum as part of their permanent collection. Also, Oz Mix, a digital work based on famous Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu‘s film, was released on a European art TV channel for a month. He is also the supervisor for Multimedia Animation Division at Nippon Engineering College. A computer graphic work he made with his students has been selected by Avid, for their client showreel 2004 along with Hollywood made work.
Main Awards
Continuous Rectangles: Honorable Mention at Image Forum festival 1987.
To Sum Up: 17th Vancouver International Film Festival, Dragon and Tiger Award nominated.
Oz Mix: San Francisco International Festival, Golden Gate Music and Video Award 2000.
47th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, International Competition nominated.